“When I speak, I want to live on the edge of my rhetorical sword where I try to pierce the heart of the listener, not to display my eloquence as a distancing tool of superiority, but as a plea for validation, my only source of relevance. Confidence can be duped, emptiness can not, and at […]

Every long journey of success begins with one step, and after that, another step. You will continue one step at a time until you reach your goal, and along the way you’ll learn a little more. You’ll learn as you go and as you learn you will grow. Every experience, good and bad, that you […]

Unspoken and unheard, but a final goodbye… A wave to the wind, solemn faced with smiling eyes… The embrace of the void, over bearing and in place… Kept at bay to drift away then gone without a trace… Silly thoughts of silly things asleep to silly dreams… Awoken by reality and what’s silliest is me… […]

If only a faint image in the corner of your eye… A shadow in the background and elusive of your sight… I lie in wait so patiently if given but a chance… To put in play what’s rid away for now by circumstance… Never will i wander far, If so i shall return… To calm […]

As if through a looking glass, view reflections of the past… The memories that pass in succession in a flash… Images portrayed light ways to how we were… The point in which we stand shows where we now differ…. What we strive to achieve , left on unfinished roads… The cost of time spent for […]

Perverse thoughts flood through the sub-conscious… Conscious memories leak of selfish wanting… Control held in check on the brink of giving in… The mirror reveals the sight of eyes of living sin… A slight smile disrupts speeding trains of thought… Corrupted peers stare blind and merely watch… Alone in crowded spaces, the wasted life in […]

A long ten years in a shadow of a dream… Light bleeds through the dark where light is seldom seen… The weight of solemness dissolves into a mist… Evaporates a rain and rains down a gentle kiss… Awoken by the rays eclipsed by ideals… Glare distorts the sight of eyes what light reveals… Divine in […]