Category 2012 Poems

No Restraints

Bury me alive and ignore my tortured screams… Over Memories that haunt me so,  all that used to be… The addicting pleasure at the thought fleeting just as so… The anguish shortly follows, enough to kill me slow… Murdering at my core, you’re poison in my veins… The more we drift I come in close […]


Unnoticed hidden motives, but shifting eyes in question… An aura of uncomfort, a sign of ill intentions… A mind pre-occupied with thoughts that never leave… Scenes seen repeatedly breeds guilt that lives and breathes… A fear of full exposure so paranoia never rests… The search of any closure, to free the soul of death… A […]


No statue of limitations on a mended heart… The shadows of the past exist a vital part… No amount of time could conscience free a mind… A constant after thought, thought about at different times… Repeatedly a scene , a reason, an excuse… Through the hands slip the grasp, our moment of truth… A synonym […]

A moment of clarity

“When I speak, I want to live on the edge of my rhetorical sword where I try to pierce the heart of the listener, not to display my eloquence as a distancing tool of superiority, but as a plea for validation, my only source of relevance. Confidence can be duped, emptiness can not, and at […]


Every long journey of success begins with one step, and after that, another step. You will continue one step at a time until you reach your goal, and along the way you’ll learn a little more. You’ll learn as you go and as you learn you will grow. Every experience, good and bad, that you […]

Goodbye (TODAY)

Unspoken and unheard, but a final goodbye… A wave to the wind, solemn faced with smiling eyes… The embrace of the void, over bearing and in place… Kept at bay to drift away then gone without a trace… Silly thoughts of silly things asleep to silly dreams… Awoken by reality and what’s silliest is me… […]

The Risk

If only a faint image in the corner of your eye… A shadow in the background and elusive of your sight… I lie in wait so patiently if given but a chance… To put in play what’s rid away for now by circumstance… Never will i wander far, If so i shall return… To calm […]