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Pero & Everlong

I used to dream and visualize what events would happen in my future. I sadly realize that I can not dictate my future to the extent of the details in my reveries. Faces fade, names are forgotten, and desires burn out like a candle over time. In the pit and at the mercy of circumstance, […]


Apart of the joy is set aside by the pain… Exists essential difference yet felt as the same… All of the entwined, tangled in confusion… A heavy blur of lines, designed into illusions… Emotion gone amiss, in every way but right… The conscience rules the mind like shadows rule the night… Intentions kept the balance […]

No Restraints

Bury me alive and ignore my tortured screams… Over Memories that haunt me so,  all that used to be… The addicting pleasure at the thought fleeting just as so… The anguish shortly follows, enough to kill me slow… Murdering at my core, you’re poison in my veins… The more we drift I come in close […]

Happy Birthday

To many more to come… 24


Unnoticed hidden motives, but shifting eyes in question… An aura of uncomfort, a sign of ill intentions… A mind pre-occupied with thoughts that never leave… Scenes seen repeatedly breeds guilt that lives and breathes… A fear of full exposure so paranoia never rests… The search of any closure, to free the soul of death… A […]


No statue of limitations on a mended heart… The shadows of the past exist a vital part… No amount of time could conscience free a mind… A constant after thought, thought about at different times… Repeatedly a scene , a reason, an excuse… Through the hands slip the grasp, our moment of truth… A synonym […]

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