Scattered Truth

Not a single culture, religion or any group in particular has an abundance of truth and wisdom. Therefore, I deem it necessary to not confine myself to a single category, and keep an open mind to the scattered truth that could be found in every corner of this earth. If you were to examine all the ideology’s, even on a superficial level, you’ll see similarities in almost all of them, and that is what I see as the ” gold within the rock”. When you confine yourself to a set of standards, the differences in another could shun you away from their truth and wisdom. But as truth seeking individuals, you must learn to balance your own interests with the social good. You must attune to the rhythm of all the environment you find yourself in, and go unnoticed on your search. You must keep an open mind, and not be judgmental to what you see and experience. You are looking for the good in the situation, never lose that focus


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