Wasted Time

Time is the unstoppable force that outlives us all here on earth. It existed before us, and will exist long after we go. Time gives just as much as it takes away for we all dwell within the melody and rhythm of it’s existence…Time is the greatest, and sadly the most wasted resource we have. Ironically this  “wasted time” is not wasted at all. More often that not, it is mispercieved at best.  Every experience we go through has something to remember that could benefit our lives. If we didn’t learn what to say or do , then we could’ve learned what not to say or do. If we didn’t learn what’s right in a situation we at least could’ve learned what is not right. So the only time that time is actually wasted is when you ignore what time is giving you. You must change your perception from what time is taking to what time is giving… A person who is sent to prison for ten years can easily get caught in the misconception of what is being taken from him , and totally ignore what he is being presented with because he isn’t thinking about what he could do in those ten years, he is thinking about what he wont be able to do, and will see those ten years as ‘wasted time’… We must train our minds to see pass the superficial, and grasp what is significant in every situation. When we can discipline ourselves to this elusive way of thinking, we will be able to flourish and grow much faster, and not be frustrated with the more difficult and trying affairs in our lives… We can not fast-forward, pause, or rewind time. That is out of our power, the only thing we can control is how we handle and employ it to our lives. Time is running…


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