It would be easiest to define someone by simply associating that person with an established “group” of people, but that is a lazy way of making sense of  something you don’t understand. By doing this, you set a limit on to what you think that person is capable and what they are not capable of doing. You become stereotypical and do man as an individual no justice.  A “poet” is far more than just a person who writes rhymes on paper. An “athlete” is far more than just a person who competes in a sport. They are complex beings who are aware of all that happens around them in the world, shaping themselves completely in the image of how they perceive the blissful, heartbreaking, and humbling events that take place everyday. They are individuals before anything else. In saying this, just because someone agrees with a dimension of a belief or ideology does not confine that person to that label. A person could believe in god without having any religious connection. A person can believe that the government is corrupt without having any political ties. This “categorization” that happens often gives the wrong impression of an individual and creates a way to judge that person based on the standards they have been associated with. There is no limit to what a person can be. Everybody is an individual , everybody is everything…


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