The Beginning

To metaphorically speak, the word freedom is nothing more than an appealing mask worn by an ugly oppressor who dictates what we, the society, can and cant do. Without any economic influence there is no voice, and when there is no voice, ones cry can not be heard. Freedom of speech without the freedom to speak , The ones who can speak are the one’s who set these social standards that we, the society, have been subjected to and that ultimately create the misconceptions we believe, We are manipulated to think that our limited lives are like the lives of those who dictate the very system, but in actuality, we could never obtain the power and influence that this morally challenged class has. Our totem poles do not extend to the height of theirs, These misconceptions, the greatest of them all dubbed ” The American Dream”, are visions that they have created to keep us in line. We become predictable, hence easily contained. In essence, they keep the river flowing, and a single person, no matter how long and hard they swim against the current, will never succeed in winning against the current by their self circumstance will strike, and that person will be washed away, and the river will continue to flow. This democracy, as this country calls it, ONLY accepts a change or reform by the people when it does not damage the essential interests of this country. Even in a vote, If the people were to vote on something that is not in the best interests of this country and ones who dictate it, that vote will be voided and what they want will be forced upon us no matter what the vote was, and a situation like that will expose an ugly truth: that we are powerless to change and reform. The mask will come off and the “FREE WORLD” suddenly shows the barriers and constraints that hold us in place. Only when we come together as one, the workers, the students, and everyone else in the lower class, can we even stand a chance to stall the current that controls where we go in our lives. I say lower class only because there is only two classes: the upper and the lower. The “middle class” is only a deceptive way of making you feel better about being in the lower class. What is  the difference between lower and middle class? riddle me that. Even united, it is still a long shot to cause such an uproar and change. United we may stand and united we may fall. Not  as a country, but as free thinking individuals….


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