Express yourself…

Anyone at anytime in any place can experience  freedom and achieve happiness that only small children know oh so well. Where they are not restricted or controlled by anything whatsoever. The freedom that costs no price nor demands any distance to obtain…. It is the freedom that dwells within, that each and every single person can seize through the art of expressing thyself. Whether it be through painting, through writing, or whatever it is that one could exhibit themselves as themselves and only themselves… As simplistic as this may sound, a lot of people do not express themselves as an individual, or even feel the need to express themselves for one reason or another… To speak for myself, i have discovered a great sense of pleasure when my only purpose in doing something is demonstrating my own expression. It is to no one’s expense nor benefit, but my own. And in doing this i am liberated… Anyone who has not, I encourage you to not be afraid nor ashamed to express yourself I say this in hope of sparking an epidemic of a beautiful thing : A self declaration of independence. Let one influence another in expressing individuality… Even as a man who has been stripped of his physical freedom. I am liberated through my own expression. I am FREE as i see myself to be, and pleased to see myself as FREE….EXPRESS YOURSELF

” I don’t mean to state my credo on this page, but merely to affirm sincerely for the first time in my life, my belief in man as an individual and independent entity. Certainly not independence in the everyday sense of the word, but pertaining to a freedom and mobility of though that few people are able or even have the courage to achieve.” Hunter S. Thompson.1957


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