what’s left…

I am what I am and am nothing more

It’s all my fault and I want nothing to care for

My love is tainted I have one too many needs

I seek morbid affection, It is perfection to me

Don’t hold me up, If you’re gonna let me down

And don’t hold me up If you wont let me down

Never leave me alone, But stay away and let me be

I don’t want whats good for me, I rather set you FREE!…


One comment

  1. Melinda Cancino · · Reply

    I like this…in many ways I can relate to this..I find myself fighting myself sometimes I know what I want then I dont. I go back and fourth with myself as if im my own worst enemy. I believe my love is tainted I would give the world to someone but only for the thrill of it all then I get bored and distant, im so selfish at times. Im very needy yet I like to be left alone I fustrate myself dunno why im like that it worries me that maybe one day ill just end up being all alone burning my bridges with people I love because they see the ugly in me and know that ill never change.

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