not long ago..

I’m losing my grip on life as i slip on ice/ too many bad decisions sometimes i trip at night/ what my life has become the infinite potential that got thrown in the dump/ good times having fun, too much weed and sipping rum/ how could it all get taken away so fast/ one minute it felt everlasting but didn’t last/ my last 10 years were a blur just mushed together/ held in place by drugs feeling’ forever clever/ sometimes i felt unstoppable, thinking i knew it all i was so philosophical/ nothing’ stood in my way except this one obstacle/ and it was me, my very own worst enemy/ i was at the steering wheel guiding my way into misery/ i chose what i chose’ and never listened to those/ who had good intentions only wanting me to grow/ but i was the problem and didn’t realize/ i never seen myself through others eyes/ i made up thoughts to disguise my own flaws/ hiding my demise with the image i created its the only thing i saw/ nothing was wrong but i was only fooling myself all along/ the way i seen life was fucked up and all wrong/ such a stubborn fella i wonder what my life would be like/ if i hadn’t got snatched up out of the street light/ what could of happened, how would i have failed/ because that’s the path i chose telling everyone to trail/ but things must happen for a reason/ I’m living and breathing and battling these demons/ fending’ em off , I’m never bending or soft/i get confused feeling’  apprehended and lost but theirs always a struggle we must survive/ and in times like those i will always thrive’….


One comment

  1. I know this self probing moment well. The questions are real and so are the conclusions unavoidable once rationalizing ceases. I can respect honesty which I think this piece is. I would like to invite you to check out “Joy of Sin”, “What I Have Become”

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